Capsules and sleeves

The shrink film division of Alfatherm is amongst the most advanced divisions in the Group, with sophisticated calendering-stretching interated lines. Our films are recognised worldwide for their quality and consistency with regard to thickness and shrinkage properties and are used widely in a full range of shrink and print situations. Alfatherm shrink films are appreciated and utilized worldwide for the manufacture of:


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Film termoretraibili: curve retrazione

These days, technical superiority is crucial, but this is not the only consideration. In this age of image, the world is asking for more in terms of consumer perception with creativity in design and colour. The product must attract our eyes and brain and deliver the marketing message in a way that appeals to the consumer… then they buy it. A SLEEVE LABEL that achieves the highest consumer impact helps the product differentiate itself from, and have an advantage over, the competition. Alfatherm TD (transversely oriented) shrink films are nowadays recognised as the ideal solution when we are looking for a printing substrate, sleeve label converting, tamper evident seals, wine caps and promotional packaging. Our shrink film range gives our customers, printers and converters, the widest choice of possibilities in terms of shrinking characteristics and printing/application specifications and techniques.


PVC shrink film with shrinkage up to 48%.
This film has been recently developed with a special focus on hot air tunnel applications. Thanks to its delayed shrinkage properties, K246 can withstand abrupt thermal shocks at the entrance to the tunnel and complete the shrink process is a smooth and gradual manner. The gentle action of K246 in the hot air tunnel will avoid distortion of the bar code along with any unwanted temperature induced modification to the film’s structure.
Available in neutral with a glossy or matt finish.


PVC shrink film, TD shrinkage up to 57%.
Ideal for steam tunnels, this grade is the perfect substrate for shiny and attractive partial and full body sleeve labels, on medium complexity shaped containers.
Available in neutral with glossy or matt finish.


PVC shrink film, TD high shrinkage up to 66%. As the “historical” and most popular of our grades, K238 is recognised worldwide as a reference for the manufacture of full body sleeves dedicated to complex shaped containers.
Available in neutral, white, silver and matt finishes.


PVC shrink film, TD shrinkage up to 66%. Offering superb performance in steam tunnels, thanks to its reactive shrink curve, this “new” grade is becoming more and more appreciated among sleeve label converters. As the best combination of innovation, speed and technology, K242 provides excellent performance with high speed modern equipment. Available in glossy or matt finish.


Pvc shrink film, TD shrinkage up to 69%. This special grade, produced on specific campaigns, is dedicated to highly complex shaped containers.
Available neutral or mat.

Not just a closure or for protection…a CAP is far more. Either decorated or plain, brilliant or opaque, a “cool” cap on the bottle becomes an essential marketing tool, carrying and enhancing the brand image and on-shelf product appeal. Alfatherm films for wine caps are both MD (machine direction) and TD (transverse direction) variants, fitting the specific equipment requirements of the end user.

For more than 20 years our MD K265 and TD K231 films have been the reference substrate for both global cap manufacturers and small/medium enterprises alike. Our wine cap films are produced in neutral, white, black and silver but can be produced in other colours according to the specific requirements of our customers.

PVC TD shrink film – Alfaform ORT K 231
Our PVC shrink film K231, is used worldwide as a reference point in the production of wine caps by all worldwide cap manufacturers. Available in glossy/glossy finishing, neutral or coloured.

PVC MD shrink film – Alfaform OR K 265
This machine direction stretched film is one of the most popular substrates among wine cap manufacturers. Appreciated for its consistent quality, resulting in high production optimisation, this film is synonymous with premium wine caps.

In addition to their importance and contribution in terms of appearance and marketing, shrink films are also used in packaging to safeguard the product from tampering or alteration of its content. This way the final consumer is sure to buy a “new and fresh” product. TAMPER EVIDENT SEALS are very common on drinks, cosmetics, home care, food packaging and many other uses. Alfatherm TD shrink film K236 is recognized wordwide as the most reliable and appropriate film for this application

PVC TD shrink film – Alfaform ORT K 236

PVC shrink film with standard TD shrinkage 55%. Neutral and coloured, glossy or mat, it is particularly suggested for the converting of tamper evidence seals.