Adhesive films for visual advertising, protection, decoration, labelling

The adhesive film market is constantly expanding, with a global growth estimated at around 6%. Together with the sleeves and the surface decorations, the visual communication is one of the strategic sectors of Alfatherm’s core business.

The production includes a wide range of transparent, white and coloured products, specifically designed for different types of printing.

The products are formulated with different percentages of plasticisers, with different finishing in both glossy and opaque surfaces, in order to adapt to different types of application (visual advertising – protection – decoration and labelling) and in order to meet the technological needs of a more innovative and evolving market such as adesivisation and print advertising.

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in the development of innovative interior and exterior decorations, which can also be transferred to the adhesive films, Alfatherm is able to support its customers in the research for new products and markets.

With its upgrading of the calendering lines, significantly increasing production capacity and quality, Alfatherm sets the basis for its further growth at the national and international level.


The term “LABEL” has multiple references: etiquette, information, discography, but certainly the most widespread and the most visual impact is the LABEL IDENTIFICATION of a product that can be made of paper, cardboard or, better, of PLASTIC FILM that can be glued and applied on products and packaging to indicate contents and specific information.

Our film ALFAVIN, paper adhesive, is the right solution for the production of adhesive labels used in gravure printing, screen printing, solvent based and UV flexo offset.

Our product range includes opaque and super opaque films, both transparent and coloured for different applications required by the market, such as plotters and protection.

An ADVERTISING GROUND FLOOR is definitely a very direct way to communicate, inform and guide the client where you want to display the products for sale.

ALFAVIN TUNDRA is the Alfatherm specific film, embossed and transparent, suitable for adhesive coating to be used in digital printing, walkable and easy to apply and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

ALFAVIN DIGIT is the film specially designed by Alfatherm for digital inkjet printing technology increasingly used for large format prints.

For the processing of plotter application with print technology inkjet joined to a cutting operation, carried out mainly on vinyl adhesives, Alfatherm features the film ALFAVIN PLOTTER, in a rich variety of colours with both glossy and matt surface.

We are able to provide to the market our range of standard colours (matt and glossy version), as well as a colour match of the specific colours requested by our customers.

Alfatherm, starting from its knowledge of different fields of application, has developed a series of special products in collaboration with its major international customers.

ALFAVIN CLEAR is the product especially designed for use on photos and paper, to protect images from moisture, dust and extend UV resistance of the ink used in printing.

Alfatherm has just introduced in the market a new range of ALFAVIN ST films that are plasticized, embossed and coloured (in our printing facilities) in order to reach with wood imitation surfaces (Walnut, Oak, Bodega Grey, Champagne) for decoration and protection of interior design.