Adhesive films for visual advertising, protection, decoration, labelling

The adhesive film market is constantly expanding, with a global growth estimated at around 6%. Together with the sleeves and the surface decorations, the visual communication is one of the strategic sectors of Alfatherm’s core business.

The production includes a wide range of transparent, white and coloured products, specifically designed for different types of printing.

The products are formulated with different percentages of plasticisers, with different finishing in both glossy and opaque surfaces, in order to adapt to different types of application (visual advertising – protection – decoration and labelling) and in order to meet the technological needs of a more innovative and evolving market such as adesivisation and print advertising.

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in the development of innovative interior and exterior decorations, which can also be transferred to the adhesive films, Alfatherm is able to support its customers in the research for new products and markets.

With its upgrading of the calendering lines, significantly increasing production capacity and quality, Alfatherm sets the basis for its further growth at the national and international level.

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Film for print

Film for plotter

Floor graphic