Woodgrains Collection

Our woodgrain collection combines a numerous range of wood effects to respond to both technical and aesthetical needs of our customers. These foils are especially studied for flat and post-forming applications, with a high impact resistance, specific for the production technology.

All the designs presented here below may not exactly match the colour displayed on your screen. To request original samples, please contact our customer service furniture@alfatherm.it.

Ambassador Walnut Collection

Mimosa AL2227 W823/01

Dalia AL2227 W823/02

Gerbera G-3873 W823/03

Andorra Oak Collection

Natural A-2344 W807/01

Grey WL1511 W807/02

Truffle N-7343 W807/02

Arauco Collections

Tumalo Pine
W-1633 W831-01

Sahalie Pine
W-1633 W831-02

Fiero Oak Toasted
A-2344 W4832-01

Fiero Oak Charred
R-5839 W4832-02

Fiero Oak Seared
G-3808 W4832-03

Noce Piero Luxent
G-3808 W835-02

Bodega Egger collection

Bodega white
WL-1511 W801/01

Bodega champagne
AL-2293 W801/02

Bodega grey
AL-2293 W801/03

Bodega grey-brown
N-7318 W801/04

Bodega tobacco
G-3839 W801/05


Sweet home Eucaliptus White
W-1367 W825/01

Sweet home Eucaliptus Honey
AL2227 W825/02

Sweet home Eucaliptus Dark
W-1367 W825/01

Mara Oak Collection

Mara Oak Grey
AL2227 W803-03

Mara Oak Grey Authentic
AL2227 WX803-03

Mara Oak Natural
AL2410 W803-02

Tafisa collections

Lucy Maple
Ungava Bay
N-7465 W812-02

Lucy Maple
Meadows Cove
N-7465 W812-03

Lucy Maple
Fogo Harbour
WL1288 W812-01

Chalbi Clay
G-3849 W4813-01

Karoo Ash
N-7343 W4813-02

Urban Cherry collection

WL1511 W828/01
Uniboard K30

A-2473 W828/02
Uniboard K31

AL2410 W828/03
Uniboard K32

Other collections

Aragon Oak Natural
AL2267 W802-01

Brown Siena Walnut
G-3873 W4800-01

Moonstone Ash White
WL1532 W815-03

Pickford Grey
WL1532 W817-02

Natural Pacyfic Walnut
AL2293 W800-01