3D films

Thermoplastic films and foils for furniture

We provide a wide range of 3D colours and finish designs.

The “membrane press technology”, which is typical of 3D foils offer advantageous characteristics such as freedom to design, both in terms of surfaces (colour, printed decoration and finish) and in three-dimensional sense (thanks to the thermo formability of its polymeric foils), beyond that it is easy to use by keeping its technical – aesthetical characteristics in time.

3D foils are primarily used to produce kitchen fronts, bath furniture, bedroom, dining rooms and thanks to new technological developments passage doors as well.

Customers are able to customise thickness, width, embossing, gloss level according to their needs. Contact our Customer Service furniture@alfatherm.it to tailor the right product for your project.


Silky and ultramatt finish

EIR – Embossed-In-Register technology


Solid colours

Abstract design