SERICA® by Alfatherm is the warm, captivating and silky finish that gives surfaces a real WOW effect both to the touch and to the eye.

● Supermatte effect – the new frontier of the lacquering technology setting new standards to achieve a realistic paint effect surface at a commercial cost.
● Anti-fingerprint – no more fingerprints on the surface for an improved aesthetics and appearance.
● High Scratch Resistance – extremely robust surface finish incorporating anti-scratch technology
● Extremely flexible – thermoformable (3D membrane pressing), 2D flat lamination and profile wrapping for 5-piece doors
● Easyrepair – With the added benefit of thermal healing in case of micro-scratches, SERICA® can be easily repaired using a simple iron or a hairdryer to renovate the surface.

Thank you to BA Components Ltd for the image of this charming kitchen.